Thursday, February 12, 2009

Synthetic Collagen, Collagen Injections

Collagen is an important part of good looking skin and people will go to many lengths to get it, including searching for synthetic collagen and making appointments for injections.

Your body is made up of about 30% collagen and it's the protein that keeps your skin firm and supple. Elastin is another important protein that works with collagen to provide elasticity. Collagen gives your skin a cushiony layer between your bone structure and your skin's surface which prevents your skin from sinking into your eye sockets and cheek hollows. But you probably know that as you age your body stops producing as much collagen as it needs to maintain young looking skin and you may be tempted to turn to synthetic sources.

What Do You Need to Know?
First of all, let's take injections. Collagen injections plump up the area where the needle is inserted and can help your face and hands look younger. But it's fairly expensive, it's a surgical procedure and it's temporary. On average, collagen injections only last 6-9 months and then have to be repeated.

Then there are those creams that advertise they contain collagen. Well, they do have collagen in them but the particles that make up the size of the collagen molecules are too large to penetrate your pores. Scientists have proven this in numerous studies. So what happens? The collagen basically sits on your skin until you wash it off.

For better or worse, synthetic collagen does not have long term potential. You have to make your own. And you can increase your bodies' collagen and elastin production by choosing products that boost the making of these important proteins.

Ingredients like the cutting edge Cynergy TK have been proven in scientific studies to increase your cell renewal which includes making more collagen. It rejuvenates the skin by bringing more zinc and copper into your skin which binds with your proteins and promotes cell growth. Plus it refracts light to make your skin feel and look smoother by providing an invisible layer of velvety softness to your face.

Another ingredient I use daily is Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, this "nano" technology allows the vitamin like supplement CoEnzyme Q10 to seep deep into your skin and rid it of free radicals which protects against premature aging and cancers while it boosts collagen and elatin production.