Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garra Rufa A Doctor Fish For Skin Treatment

Garra Rufa A Doctor Fish For Skin Treatment

Garra Rufa freshwater fish used for treatment of skin diseases, notably in Kangal district, Turkey. For the species sometimes called doctor fish in the UK. apart from removing dead skin effectively and evenly, Garra Rufa saliva believe to contains enzymes that promote healthy skin. This treatment has been around for over 100 years with patients and enthusiasts from all over the world travelling all the way to Middle East to seek treatment.

Garra rufa occurs in the river basins of the Northern and Central Middle East, mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. It is legally protected from commercial exploitation in Turkey due to concerns of overharvesting for export.

Garra rufa can be kept in an aquarium at home; while not strictly a "beginner's fish", it is quite hardy. For treatment of skin diseases, aquarium specimens are not well suited as the skin-feeding behavior fully manifests only under conditions where the food supply is somewhat scarce and unpredictable.

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